Going Viral for All the Wrong Reasons – Staging Matters!

A recent Houston-area home has been making waves on the real estate scene, for all the wrong reasons. We would love to have been a fly on the wall when the listing Realtor talked to the seller about staging! With a price tag of over a million dollars, likely buyers will be able to see past the issues, but in lower price points, sellers need all the help they can get in properly showcasing the best features of their homes.

Let’s just take a stroll through some of the more unique photos of this property.

Clutter Galore

Anyone for a game of Where’s Waldo? With all the figurines and knick-knacks (and yes, that IS a Christmas tree in the right-hand corner), it’s hard to see the beautiful built-in display cases, and the gorgeous fireplace. Why would you want to hide that?


Clutter is the bane of all Realtors®. We know how difficult it is to pack away prized possessions and sentimental dust-catchers. We know you like looking at your kids’ baby pictures as you walk down the hallway. We get it. But when you are selling your home, it’s not about you! It’s about making sure prospective buyers can see themselves and their own possessions in the home. When your personality is too present, buyers can’t focus on what you want them to see…the best features of the home.

The Creepiness Factor

No. Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a mannequin casually sitting at the kitchen island, as if sipping his morning cup of joe and reading the newspaper. Does it seem like the house has eyes? That’s because everywhere you turn there are staged mannequins ready to scare you right out of your socks.

More clutter. More mannequins. Sensing a theme yet?


No matter how charming you may find your collection of life-size dolls, if it has eyes, likely your prospective buyers are going to get a case of the shivers…and not the good kind. Dolls, mannequins, taxidermy…what you see as treasure will be another persons’ trash. You don’t need a permanent separation from your stuff. Just a temporary banishment to storage.

What the heck?

There are simply no words for this one. What on earth is a mannequin on a tricycle doing on the ceiling?

If there is anything about your home that will make a prospective buyer or buyer’s agent scratch their heads and ask “What they heck were they thinking?”, fix it quick, before you put the house on the market.

This is obviously a beautiful home, and it has many wonderful features. The problem is, you simply can’t see them due to all the distractions and clutter. Now, mind you…this is an estate style home, that has been artfully decorated to the owner’s liking. This is NOT a hoarding or cleanliness problem. The owner obviously loves collecting, and has taken great pains to create a whimsical and eclectic backdrop for a life’s worth of collections. And the seller wants people to see and appreciate this little museum of strange and unique things. But none of it will help sell the house.

What to do if You REALLY Want to Sell Your Home

While this example out of the Houston area is a great teaching tool, it obviously exaggerates the challenges of staging a home. Not all homes provide this much fodder for the social media mill. If you really want to sell you home, it’s best to follow your Realtor’s advice on how to properly prep and stage your home to bring in the most buyers.

Some of our best tips:

The Bottom Line

It’s a difficult process to purge a lifetime of memories from a home. It’s a necessary, if unwelcome process.  The Gresh Team can provide expert guidance on how to perfectly stage your home to attract buyers and sell your home as quickly as possible. Then you can begin the process of moving your memories to a new home.